Riding Lies

21 במרץ 2017

,This contemporary literary work introduces the dramatic story of 3 powerful women, in their 40s, finding themselves carried away after a thrill

.totally addicted to the control of Kobi, a charming, manly, and highly manipulative mountain biking instructor

Despite going through a long period of emotional abuse and self- deprecation, these women finally manage to find in themselves and in their solidarity, a hidden power to overcome their situation

I perceive this story as a symbol to the unbearable vulnerability of women from one side, and their power to make a change through uniting on the other side, everywhere in the wo

It is a wake up call for abused women, all over, to gain the insight that their condition is reversible, and within their abilities to fight it back

An English translation of the book, and Amazon as the publishing platform were natural choices because both allow for the most widespread and affordable exposure to the target audience

To finalize the processes of the editing and production toward the Amazon publication planned to 06.01.2019

I need your help



.Hagar. Anat. Orly

.Three powerful, strong women, different and yet so similar, are trapped in a web that Koby, their cycling instructor, has woven for them

.A midlife journey of self-discovery, when rebelliousness rears its head, when the routine of everyday life screams out for change, they crave love and to once again experience something different

One after the other, a storm of emotions sweeps the three women away, seducing them with a yearning for what is not and for what might have been,

leading them by a longing for the sensuality that has died in them, or that they never had

They soon lose their restraint, and devoid of inhibition, they are swept away by an intoxicating feeling of upliftment, eventually leaving them exposed, naked and vulnerable

.They personally experience the pain of loneliness, of humiliation

.A moment before they fall into an abyss from which there is no return, they save each other and find support, consolation and a great deal of strength

:A piece of the story

They cross the suspension bridge, the shaky swaying slats causing her heart to skip a beat

He races ahead without hesitation while she rides across slowly, wondering if it wouldn't be wiser to do it on foot.

A natural pool under the bridge gives her a strong desire to take a refreshing dip

But they've only just started out, she can‘t ask to stop. They ride along the streambed

The sound of flowing water gives her a wonderfully peaceful feeling

There are tiny cliffs on the edges, cliffs that were formed by the winter floods.

Tall, yellow-tipped cane sway gently in the wind, murmuring softly. An implicit, almost imperceptible smile touches her lips

She could ride like this forever

They stop to rest beside one of the strong streams that feed the Besor Stream

The flow is slow and small natural pools have formed along the way, surrounded by rustling cane. He sits under a tree and puts his bag down next to him

She takes off her backpack and tosses it carelessly aside

Then she removes her sweaty shirt and exposes her tiny breasts. ―Sweat-wicking fabric my ass!‖ she says contemptuously and spreads her shirt in the sun to dry

He laughs in surprise and lies down under the shade of the tree

She unties her shoelaces, takes off her shoes, socks, and her tight, wet pants. There are two thick strips of sweat on the sides of her panties. She takes them off too, leaving herself naked

―What are you doing? !‖ he roars with laughter

―Going for a dip,‖ she says

‖―What?‖ he sits up, ―I don‘t believe you

―You‘re the one who says you only live once, no?‖ she teases him. ―So I‘m fulfilling a fantasy of my own!‖

―Am I part of it?‖ he asks hopefully and removes his wet shirt, which is sticking to his body

She nods and tiptoes into the water. The stones are sharp and the moss slippery, but she doesn't care.

The water is crystal clear and full of innumerable black freshwater snails gleaming in the sun

She squints at him and sees he‘s taking off his pants. He doesn't have underwear on, of course

she clucks her tongue, but on the other hand, she‘s not wearing a bra, so maybe they‘re even

―Come on, get in already,‖ she urges him. He stumbles toward her, shouting with pain. She laughs

―These stones are hell!‖ he complains

His penis is still shriveled from the cold, but she‘s confident that it will soon stand proud. She wades slowly through the water, to the middle of the natural pool.

The water becomes murkier and greener the deeper she goes. ―You have no fear at all, do you?‖ he says admiringly

?‖―Fear of what?‖ she turns her head to him

!‖He shrugs. ―Leeches? Crocodiles? Water snakes? Sharks

She bursts into rolling, uninhibited laughter and lies down in the water, floating on her back. A short cry escapes her lips, ―It‘s freezing

He moves slowly toward her, a little wary of the cold, leeches, crocodiles, water snakes and sharks.

She looks at him with a small grin, knowing full well that she‘s challenging him, a hard nut to crack that he cracked long ago.

And then he attacks her with a passionate kiss, presses his lips hard on hers and leans her against a slippery wet rock at the edge of the pool.

Her body is in the water while her head is leaning on the rock. He doesn‘t stop kissing her, moving from her lips to her ears to her neck to the dip

between her shoulders and down, to her breasts, kissing them, sucking her hard, erect nipples

She closes her eyes, allowing herself to get swept up in the icy pleasure, shivers running through her body

How wonderful this simple feeling is, without a luxurious bed, without fancy satin sheets

She doesn't need all that. Something in the naturalness of it all enchants her. She wishes she could live like this, wild, uncivilized, being only herself

Where did she find the courage? She would never have believed that she‘d be making love with a stranger in a natural pool in the middle of a riding trail somewhere in the south

A short, happy chuckle escapes her. She spreads her legs so he can penetrate her. He does, forcefully

He‘s inside her, gripping her and moving her forward, to him, then back to the rock. She feels the release coming, and then he stops and lets her go

She‘s gasping, what is he doing? She looks into his eyes, begging him to continue

Right now, and quickly. He smiles, controlling her, and she allows him to, there is nothing holding her back

!‖He pulls her close again and moves inside her again. She starts to pant, her eyelids close and she waits for the climax, it‘s so close yet so far, and then again

?‖he stops, pulls out and gently bites her breasts ―Why did you stop

she cries and opens her eyes, beating his hairy chest and demanding, ―Go on

He laughs and penetrates her again, spreading her legs so wide that it hurts, pressing her against the rock and moving her again, fast and steady

Her groans are loud, in time with his

The hair on her body is standing, every muscle tense, her mouth gaping

She waits expectantly for release, which comes with a wild intensity moments later

‖He comes with her, inside her, and for a few minutes they are one entity, in almost perfect harmony

―I hope that was good for you,‖ she says after calming down a bit, but still breathing heavily

Gently, she pulls him out of her, ―so you‘ll have something to remember when this comes to an end

‖―It doesn‘t have to,‖ he says and kisses her shoulder

She exhales. ―Sure it does. It‘ll be over soon

―How will you manage without me?‖ he says with a smile, although she‘s not sure he‘s joking

―Like I did before,‖ she answers serenely and splashes cold water on him

‖―I wouldn't want to see you going back into your shell,‖ he says and she notices a touch of criticism in his voice

―Koby,‖ she replies coolly, ―don‘t patronize me and don‘t fuck with my mind. I‘m a big girl and I can make my own decisions

‖He raises his hands in the air in surrender. ―No doubt. But it‘s a pity you make decisions based on fear

?She feels her face turning red and her heart pounding. The cheek. Who does he think he is

―Maybe we should get out of the water and get back on track,‖ she suggests, starting to wade her way out of the cold water

‖―Hey,‖ he stops her and pulls her arm, ―don‘t be angry

―I‘m not,‖ she says but her eyes are still impenetrable

He pulls her close and kisses her tenderly on the lips. She doesn't respond and she doesn't kiss him back

She doesn't want to fight now. She‘s already made a bold decision and come away with him for the night, and she wants to get the most out of this trip. She

also needs to create memories, so she‘ll have something to remember in a few years, or months, or even days

He certainly carries her to heights she never knew existed. And he is certainly different from anyone she‘s ever met before. But as she plods out the

.water, careful not to slip on the green moss covering the rocks, she knows that soon it will all come to an end

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